Welcome to the Prancer documentation!

Prancer is a cloud infrastructure validation framework used to satisfy cloud governance requirements.

Prancer is a pre-deployment and post-deployment validation engine to verify your cloud resources. It integrates to your current DevOps process to validate the required guardrails in place.

Editions of Prancer

The documentation of Prancer will give a lot of information regarding our main product which is Prancer Basic. Prancer comes in 2 different editions which are incremental:

  • Basic edition is the community available tool that allows you to run validations on a continous improvement/continuous delivery system such as Jenkins, Travis, Bamboo and so many more.
  • Enterprise edition is the subscription and paid edition that offer additional tools such as a web interface and it allows you to run it on-premise. It simplifies running the system in parrallel mode using a database as a storage engine instead of a filesystem.

Note that the Enterprise edition is also available in a SasS offering so you do not have to install and maintain it.

Overview of documentation

The first few pages of the documentation is for the general workflow, installation and terminology and then, each section will focus on specific aspects of the framework and each variant that you can use/configure.

At the end of the sections, you can find a section specific to the Enterprise concepts and a few tutorials on how to integrate Prancer into your workflow.