Prancer Enterprise APIs

Authentication APIs

API Description
Login API API for authenticate user by email and password.
Validate Access Token API for authenticate user by access token.
Refresh Token Refresh the expired JWT bearer token.
Logout User Logout user.

Collection APIs

API Description
Collection create Create a new collection.
Collection get Populate list of collections.
Collection exist Check collection exist or not.
Database collections Database collections in which the actual cloud/IaC snapshot JSON is stored.
Get collection Config Items Get Collection configuration files like masterSnapshot, masterTest, Connectors etc.
Update collection Config Items Update Collection configuration files like masterSnapshot, masterTest, Connectors etc.

Compliance APIs

API Description
Run compliance Run compliance on a specific collection.
Run crawler Run crawler on a specific collection.
Schedule a compliance Schedule a compliance to run automatically.
Get scheduled compliances Get the list of scheduled compliance.
Get a scheduled compliance Get a scheduled compliance.
Delete a scheduler Delete a scheduled compliance.

Configuration APIs

API Description
Collection configuration get Get the configuration of specific collection.
Collection configuration save Save or update the configuration of specific collection.
Global configuration get Get the global configuration of system.
Global configuration update Update the global configuration of system.

Connector APIs

API Description
Connector - get Populate the list of connectors.

Dashboard APIs

API Description
Get dashboard components Populate dashboard components.
Get component stats Get stats of a dashboard component.
Create dashboard component Create a dashboard componenet
Delete dashboard component Delete a dashboard component.

Policy APIs

API Description
Policy filter Populate the list of policies of a collection.
Get policy rego Get details of a rego file.
Save Policy Save a policy
Policy dashboard Get the dashboard stats of a policy.

Remediation APIs

API Description
Run Remediation Run remediation to autofix the issue in a Cloud/IaC resource.

Report APIs

API Description
Search Report Search the compliance report of a specific type of collection.

Resources APIs

API Description
Search resources Search resources of a specific collection.
Get resource dashboard Get dashboard stats of a resource.
Get resource snapshot Get snapshot JSON of a Cloud/IaC resource.
Get resource testcase details Get full details of a single testcase.
Get resource configuration drift Get details of a resource configuration drift.
Save resource filter Save filtered parameters of search resources.
Get resource filters Get the list of saved resource filters.
Delete resource filter Delete a resource filter.
Query resources Run the mongodb query to filter the specific resources.
Resource query sample List of sample queries to filter the resources.
Resource exclusion create Exclude resources, so no compliance will run on that resources.
Get resource exclusions Get the list of excluded resources.
Delete resource exclusions Remove the exclusion on resources.

Tags APIs

API Description
Default tags Get the list of predefined compliance tags.

Users APIs

API Description
Get users Get the list of users.
Update user's tour status Update the status of tour guidance in website.

Permissions APIs

API Description
Get permissions Get list of available permissions.
Create permission role Create a user role based on permissions.
Get permission role Get the list of permission roles.
Delete permission role Delete a permission role.

Vault APIs

API Description
Vault get Get specific value from the vault.
Vault save Save new secret into the vault.
Vault update Update secret value into the vault.
Vault delete Delete a key from the vault.

Webhook APIs

API Description
Save webhook config Enable or Disable webhook auto-fix config for a collection.

Wizard APIs

API Description
Google Wizard Redirection API for get redirect link for google oauth app.
Google Wizard Providers Get the list of google projects after authenticate google.
Github Wizard Redirection API for get redirect link for github oauth app.
Github Wizard Providers Get the list of github repositories using gihub oauth app.
Azure Wizard Providers Get the list of azure subscriptions.
AWS Wizard Providers Get the list of AWS accounts.
Google Wizard create Create google collection for a project.
Kubernetes Wizard create API to create kubernetes collection for a namespace.
Kubernetes Wizard Providers Get the kubernetes namespaces in the api server.
Create Wizard API to create a wizard for the cloud provider.
Wizard Status API API to get status of wizard creation.