• The notification configuration file contains the details about sending the Notification to the user with the test result.
    "container": "<container-name>"
    "name": "<notification-name>",
    "json": {
        "fileType": "notifications"
        "type": "notifications",
        "notifications": [
                "notificationId": "<notification-id>",
                "type": "email",
                "level": "all",
                "user": "<sender-email>",
                "to": [
  • Explanation:
  • container-name: Name of the collection for which you want notifications.
  • notification-name: Any notification name for reference.
  • notification-id: Notification id to uniquely identify the notification.
  • level: level of output results to include in Notification. It could be "passed," "failed," or "all."
  • user: Add sender email from which you want to send an email.
  • to: Add a list of receiver emails to which you want to send the email notification.