Prancer Basic CLI installation

Prancer uses the popular Python 3 language interpreter. You can run Prancer platform using the source code available on GitHub or the Pip package manager. Read on to learn how to install the dependencies for Prancer and the framework itself.

Installing Prerequisites

- Python 3.6.8 / 3.8 or 3.9
- pip3

Installing Python3 is relatively simple on most OS' as they will provide you with either a package manager or, for Windows, you will be able to find an installer on the official Python3 download page.

Assuming you are using a popular Linux distribution that is Debian or Red hat based, it should be as simple as running the following command from your terminal:

sudo apt install python3 python3-pip


sudo yum install python3 python3-pip

Please refer to the Python3 download page for instructions if you can't seem to install Python3, we cannot give support for this.

Installing Prancer using Pip

To install Prancer, you just need to run a command using Pip (the Python 3 package manager) to install the packaged version:

sudo -H pip3 install prancer-basic

To test that everything works fine, run the following command:

prancer --version

If you see something like:

Prancer 2.0.5

Then it means everything worked fine.

Note that if you are a Python developer and use an environment switcher or if you are a power user that played around with the aliases, you might need to just use pip instead of pip3. If you changed the alias, the prancer alias might not work properly as it expects python3.

Running Prancer from source code

The complete walkthrough to run the Prancer Platform from source code is available in our GitHub repository at:

Upgrading Prancer Platform basic edition

You can use pip3 to upgrade prancer-basic executables on your computer. First, you need to know to which version you want to upgrade. You can browse different versions here and find the latest available one. click here

The command to upgrade is: pip3 install -U prancer-basic==

For example, if you want to upgrade to version 2.0.5, you should run: pip3 install -U prancer-basic==2.0.5