The Google snapshot configuration file type is used along with the Google connector. It allows you to take snapshots of ReST api calls to the Google Cloud Platform api.

Snapshot configuration file

To setup an GCP snapshot configuration file, copy the following code to a file named snapshot.json in your container's folder.

Notes: Naming conventions

This file can be named anything you want but we suggest snapshot.json { "fileType": "snapshot", "snapshots": [ { "source": "", "testUser": "", "project-id": "", "nodes": [ { "snapshotId": "", "type": "", "collection": "", "path": "", "status": "active", "validate": true } ] } ] }

Remember to substitute all values in this file that looks like a <tag> such as:

tag What to put there
GCP-connector Name of the GCP Connector file you want to use to connect to GCP backend
service-account Name of the service account to connect to the GCP backend, must be present in the GCP connector file
project-id Id of the project to inspect, must be the same as the one described in the GCP connector file
snapshot-name Name of the snapshot, you will use this in test files. This name should be unique in the container
resource-provider Type of resource being queried for, see below for more information
collection-name Name of the NoSQL db collection used to store snapshots of this file
selfLink Server-defined URL for the resource, see selfLink below
status status of the resource. It can be active or inactive
validate Boolean. resource validation

Google Resource Provider

selfLink is a GCP Server-defined URL for each resource. For example:

"selfLink": "projects/learning-123/zones/us-central1-a/instances/instance-1"

Master Snapshot Configuration File

Master Snapshot Configuration File is to define resource types. We do not have individual resources in the Master Snapshot Configuration File, instead we have the type of resources. Prancer validation framework is using the Master Snapshot Configuration File in the crawler functionality to find new resources.

    "contentVersion": "",
    "snapshots": [
            "source": "<connector-name>",
            "testUser" : "<spn-username>",
            "project-id": "<project-id>",
            "nodes": [
                    "masterSnapshotId": "<master-Snapshot-Id>",
                    "type": "<resource-provider>",
                    "collection": "<name-of-collection>"

Remember to substitute all values in this file that looks like a <tag> such as: