Jira structure file

Integration of Prancer Web with Jira for story management and file/view tickets based on Prancer CSPM or PAC findings.

The integration with Jira is as follows:

  1. Each collection in the collection pages(Infra/PAC Management) can be integrated with Jira
  2. Choose the dropdown option from the collection and select Third Party Integration.
  3. Select the Jira

When the user clicks on the integration service, a new page/modal opens with pre-populated fields for the ticket. User can edit as per convenience. On submit, the ticket shall be created with the ticket platform Jira.

In Reporting pages : Infra Findings and Application Findings, a new option to create Jira ticket has to be created when opening a single item.

This will create an integration with Jira ticketing system (ticket to be created automatically with the proper description for the collection). Here is a sample of the Jira structure file:

    "fileType": "structure",
    "type": "jira",
    "url": "<Jira-endpoint-URL>",
    "username": "<jira-user-email>",
    "authtoken": "accesstoken-jira",
    "organisation": "Prancer",
    "project": "<project-name>",
    "severity": "<severity>"
Key Value Description
url URL to the Jira board
username your user-email of jira
authtoken AuthToken of the jira
project Name of your project.
severity Type of severity you want to assign to this particular task.(Options: High, Medium, Low)

sample file:

    "fileType": "structure",
    "type": "jira",
    "url": "https://testjiraprancer.atlassian.net",
    "username": "prancer-user@prancer.io",
    "authtoken": "prancer-user-prancer-io-customer120-accesstoken-jira",
    "organisation": "Prancer",
    "project": "SAM",
    "severity": "High"

Generate AuthToken from Jira

Once you have logged in to the Jira follow these steps to generate the AuthToken:

  1. Go to the Home page
  2. Click on Settings, and select the Atlassian account settings
  3. Click on the Security
  4. Underneath API token click on the create and manage API tokens
  5. Click on Create API token, and add label

By following the steps you'll be able to copy the token. Make sure the token is saved and secured somewhere safe, as you won't be able to see that again.