Azure Cloud Template (Azure Resource Manager (ARM))

Some companies have internal or regulatory compliance to follow certain rules to create resources in their cloud environment. Because of that, we are providing a feature to create cloud resources based on the IaC template in the cloud.

Prancer Pentesting for Web application using Azure Resource Manager (ARM)


  • Create an Azure DevOps or GitHub repository (private or public).
  • Generate a new or use an existing Personal Access Token (PAT) for Azure DevOps or a GitHub Access Token, with permission to clone the project.
  • Create an ARM template for your Azure Container Instances, like the provided template.json, and store it in your repository. Make sure to replace placeholders with the appropriate parameters.
  • Template parameters: In the case of Azure Container Instances, you'll have different parameters, such as container group name, container name, image, environment variables, and resource requests/limits.
  • Container Image : For Azure, you can use the same container image (prancer/prancer-pac:latest) or a custom one hosted in Azure Container Registry (ACR). An example ACR image reference would look like this: ''