The Query page allows users to filter fetched resources by running MongoDB queries. Users can select the database collection name and write a query to filter resources. Clicking on the Run button will display the filtered results. Users can also select a date range to fetch all resources between two dates. The View Config button shows the actual resource configuration. Users can save queries for future use and load them later to filter resources. To save a query, users need to click on the "Save Query" button and set a title. The Load Query button shows a list of saved queries from which users can select one and use it to filter resources.

The query page allows the user to run the MongoDB query over the fetched resources to filter the resources.

  • The user can select the database collection name defined in the snapshot configuration file.
  • the user can write the query to filter the resource.
  • Click on the Run button to see the results.
  • The user can also select the date to fetch all resources between two dates.


  • Click on View Config to see the actual resource configuration.

  • User can save the query for future use. For that, click on the "Save Query" button.

  • It will ask you to set the title, then the user can save the query.


  • In the future, if the user wants to use the same query, then the user can click on the load query.
  • It will show the list of saved queries; from that list, the user can load one query and use it to filter the resource.

  • ../img/query/load_query.png