Vault is a tool that is used to store secret values for tests. This page explains that certain configuration files should not contain sensitive data like private keys and that Vault can be used to store them instead. The user can add, view, and update keys in the Vault, and they can also delete them when no longer needed. An image of the Vault list view is provided as well.

For example, the connector Configuration file contains the "private_key_id" from the service account JSON file for GCP test cases. But the connector file should not contain the "private_key" in the connector configuration file. Instead, it will read the private key from the Vault. So user requires to save the secrets in the Vault.

Add Vault Key:

The user can add a new key by filling in the key and value in the "Add New Key" section and clicking the save button. - After adding the value in Vault, it will show in the list.

View and Update Value:

Click on the "Get Value" button to view that key's value from the list of secrets. - To update the value, change the value and click on the "Update" button.

Delete Vault Key:

  • To delete the vault key, click on delete Icon.
  • It will show the confirmation message for delete. Again click on the "Delete" button from the confirmation message screen, the key Vault will be deleted.