• Go to Prancer Registration page for signup to the Prancer.
  • Fill in all the required details of the registration page and click on the Continue button.


  • In the next step, you can able to see the pricing table of resources and apps. You can select the No. Of resources and apps based on your requirement, you can also choose peace of mind support to get additional support from prancer whenever you require.

  • You can see the order summary after select no. of cloud resources and apps

  • After selecting the no. of resources and apps, click on the Next button.


  • In the next step, you must fill in the billing address and the payment details to proceed with the payment.
  • Once you fill in the valid details, click on the Submit Order button.

  • It will do the necessary process and will generate your order. You will also receive the confirmation email in the given email.


  • After submitting the order, we will create your portal. Once your portal gets ready, you will receive an email with your portal link as shown below.
  • You can open your portal, log in with your email and password given during the signup process, and use the Prancer services.