User Management

We provide the Admin user's feature to invite staff to access the prancer web application.

  • Admin can create different roles and assign one or multiple roles to each staff user.
  • User Management has the following features for Company Admin.

Role Assignment

  • The admin user can see the list of roles and assign permissions to each role.
  • Admin can edit/delete the role and create a new role.


  • To add a new role, click on the "Add Role" button. In the add-role section, the user can define the name of a new role.
  • A user can assign the permissions to a role from the list of available permissions.

  • Click on the "save" button will create the new role and display it in the list.


Invite new user

  • Admin can add/invite new users using send an email. Admin cannot add/invite a new user based on its selected subscription plan.


  • After sending the invitation, the admin can view user permission and status in the table.
  • Staff users receive the invitation link in email through a link. they can set the password and log in to the Prancer Web application.
  • After setting a new password, the status will be changed from "Pending" to "Registered" in the user management screen.
  • Admin can also remove the staff users.


Change User Permissions

  • Newly registered staff user does not have permission to see/access any page.
  • Admin users can assign a role to a particular staff user to see/access more features.


  • To change the user role, click on staff from the list. It will open the screen, and the admin can manage the user's role by selecting a checkbox and clicking on the save button to save role(s).
  • After changing the role, the staff user can see/access more features allowed by the admin.