Minimum fail severity


This document explains how to set a minimum severity level for alerts in order to mark a build as a failure and cause a pipeline to fail. If there are alerts with specific severity(upper than minimum severity), mark the build as a failure and your pipeline will fail.

To determine this, a brief summary of the methodology would be by modifying the configuration file of the application at '/mnt/azure/customers/YOURCUSTOMERID/prancer-pac/Conf/config.json' , adding the pac_alert_min_severity field, and by setting the minimum severity level inside the connector file via the infra dashboard. The document provides visual aids for both methods and explains that if the minimum severity level is not found in the connector file, it will default to the value set in the config.json file.

How to set minimum severity for check the alerts and fail the pipeline?

There are two methods for setting the minimum severity level:

  1. The minimum severity set on the config file of your application. you can forward this path /mnt/azure/customers/YOURCUSTOMERID/prancer-pac/Conf/config.json and add the pac_alert_min_severity field on deploy side and finally restart the services, the sample file is:
    "deploy": {
        "listenerPort": "5050",
        "customerId": "CUSTOMERID",
        "cli_cache_dir": "./cache-cli",
        "default_addones": true,
        "consumer_uri": "http://localhost:3000",
        // Add the minimum severity field inside deploy section
        "pac_alert_min_severity": "medium"

  1. Set the minimum severity inside your connector file, open your infra dashboard and choose. ../img/minimum-sevirity/chooseconnector.png

  2. Put your minimum severity details inside the configuration part. ../img/minimum-sevirity/pac-alert-minimum-sevirity-config.png

Click "keep changes."

The system check your collection configuration, if there isn't pac_alert_min_severity, It will use from config.json file