Configuration Wizard

The Configuration Wizard is a tool in Prancer that allows users to create configuration files without needing to write any JSON manually. It supports a variety of providers such as Azure Cloud and AWS Cloud, as well as IaC (Infrastructure as Code) tools like IaC Github Enterprise and IaC Azure DevOps. Before starting the configuration process, users must specify a unique Collection Name. The wizard provides step-by-step instructions on how to configure each provider.

Configuration Wizard provides an easy way to create configuration files without writing any JSON Configuration manually.


  • In the wizard screen, users can see a list of providers supported by Prancer.
  • Users can select one of the providers at a time to create configurations. Before starting the configuration, the user has to specify the Collection Name.
  • The collection Name should be unique. If it already exists, then it will show the error message.


Check how to configuration for each of the following providers:

  1. Azure Cloud
  2. AWS Cloud
  3. IaC
  4. IaC Github Enterprise
  5. IaC Azure DevOps